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As some of you may have read, I had some issues with my xcal2 tuner not allowing me to make adjustments to open tunes. It would just lock up. Now, I cannot even load tunes from my computer. The tuner will not overwrite any tunes that are currently loaded on to it. I get a wierd tune delete message (name of tune being deleted is not the actual name of the tune). Then the tuner shoots up a bunch of error messages on my computer of which is a loopback failed error.

I am thinking the tuner has had it. Its pretty old and has been used on three vehicles. I didnt have any problems with it until about a month ago.

Rather than send it to SCT, I figure now is as good a time as any to upgrade to an XCAl3. I just want to be sure I can.

does this sound correct:

1: flash truck back to stock
2: get new tuner and plug into truck so it can read the strategy
3. load .cef files that were written for my xcal2 onto the xcal3 from my computer
4. upload tune files to my truck

Can I just order a blank tuner from somewhere?

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The X2 files will not work in the X3. The tunes are writen for that particular X's serial number. Your tuner should be able to send you a file that will work in the X3 thou.

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