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It's one thing after another with this truck, which I knew it was a project when I bought it so I need to stop bitching! Anyways I've been playing around with it lately and noticed under WOT it has a hard time hitting 2nd, if at all, unless I let up on it a little bit, or else it will peg the redline and back down. Not to mention both my stock boost gauge and also the glo-shit gauage (need to replace those ASAP) that came with the truck reflect that as well. I'm thinking the gloshit boost gauge is just T'd off of the stock gauge.

I'm going to be changing the transfluid come this weekend, but then I also think I need to grab a tuner and see if the tranny just needs a tune, and to measure the lower pulley and check to see if it's non-stock. Anything else I should keep a lookout for?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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