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so when I got the truck, I noticed right away that cruise didn't work. I tore the truck apart doing a bunch of other shit and forgot about it.

So last week I thought id look into it, looked through the fuse box, well there's my issue, there's no fuse in there, easy peasy!

Go to put a fuse in and its loose, won't stay in. Hm. Bend the fuse just to see what happens, goes in better, feels like it will stay, tested it out, nothing.

Took the fuse out and looked inside the fuse holder and there is no metal connection in that fuse area.

In fact, there are a few spots without fuses that don't have it, which made me think that it wasn't an option on this truck, but the steering wheel has it, and the vin decoder says its standard.

Why in the fuck would it not be in there and what can I do to rectify this?

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