Items For Trade:

Hey Guys!
I’ve been a part of this community for a long long time. I totaled my first Lightning in 2005 and then joined this group around 2010 when I started parted the truck out.
I finally bought another 1999 Black in March of 2021 with only 45,000 miles!! (The wife said I could, but got pissed with how much I spent lol)
With 4 kids at home and a wife that stays home and homeschools them, my life style isn’t cheap. Unfortunately, they bleed my checking account and don’t leave much for my toys (cars and guns) Hahaha
I need to get my truck tuned so I can get back to enjoying it again, but I still need to buy a Wideband, SCT 4, and pay for the tuning. That adds up to a total dollar amount that’s impossible to sneak by the wife. Lol
So, I figured I would shoot my shot and see if anyone is willing to donate a Wideband to my cause.
Thanks everyone!


Will Trade For:

A Firm Handshake