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Is frank ok? He got out et'd, out 60'd and out mph'd.

Time for a 2.9 frank.
My man Dusten Bro me getting out Et,d, out 60’d and out mph’d is an understatement
That was a picture perfect pass*

In order to run an Et of 9.22
You must get a great 60 ft
You must get a great mph
And he did all of the above *

I know our lightning trucks and I can tell you there is more in that truck,

To tell you the truth the only lightning And I mean the only lightning out there today at this Spookfest or any other Spookfest I ever was impressed with was MINE *


I have to say Eric’s truck was beyond impressive it was amazing*

As for me going to the 2.9 NEVER i had turned down Whipples offer of the 2.9 when it was in the making
Because I always thought that the 2.3 Whipple is all you will need,you don’t need the 2.3 KB or the 2.6 KB
Or the 2.9 whipple * ALL YOU NEED is the 2.3 WHIPPLE *

And Eric just proved my point the 2.3 whipple in my view is all the blower you will need*

And believe me that truck is Faster than 9.228

I have already been asked why do I think that

The main reason is the truck can get better than a 1.271 (60) Ft
That’s all I need to know*

And it’s not that hard to do*

I know what Eric forgot I’ll never learn
And I don’t think for a minute that he needs any help to better his (60)Ft
But I would have no problem helping him in anyway that I can *

Again congratulations to one of the nicest and most dedicated guy i know in our lightning community *
Looking forward in seeing that truck run again *
21 - 27 of 27 Posts