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Wheel selection...

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Well, the spending spree is about to start. I've already got most of the power mods planned out, but I wanted your guys input on some new wheels...

I'm looking at the 540/540R selection of wheels at

What do you guys think of the selection there? I'm pretty partial to this one... But I'm wondering if there are too many spokes to really fit on an L. Kinda want that road racer look. Don's Bolt has some nice wheels, kinda like that.

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They don't actually look bad... Don's Bolt and the other L that had Don's rims before him looks really sweet with them!
They will turn head's for sure

They will look killer on your truck. I saw a guy over on NLOC who just put them on his red L and looked bad ass.
Thanks. I'm usually not too good of a judge on what wheels will look good on a vehicle - except for the obvious "hell no" choices.

I saw the L you're looking does look awesome. I'm tempted to just go with the same ones, since I know they look so good... But I really like the one I posted above...just hoping it's not too much or too "spoked" if that's a word.
I think the will look good! but are expensive.I have multi spoke very open wheels and like them
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IMO-A little too Euro looking for an American performance truck.
Its over 4 grand for the 18x9.5 and almost 6grand for the 20x10 but they look amazing i have see the red truck on NLOC that has them and it looks sweet
Red Lightning w/HRe's

here is a picture of the HRe's on that Red Lightning I was telling you about
Not being rude, but I don't care for any of those as well as the 99-2000 wheels. Get'em chromed if you like but almost anything else makes the truck look like a clone. No flame intended. The most important thing is how much you like a product It's your ride, do as you wish. Never put somthing on your ride because somebody else likes it or to follow a trend. Dare to be different!!.You'll sleep better at night. I think the Marauder wheels in Lightning configuration would look good. They're also expensive. Good luck.
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