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I finally found a good grill / headlight surround. At a truck salvage yard in Del City Oklahoma. Friend found it, actually, another Lightning owner. $75.00 and they took it off the truck for me. It's in my garage for now, I need to remove the plain jane F-150 grill and the two rubber pieces on the lower corners. Then take it to a body shop half a mile from me to get painted. It's the fake chrome part, I hope they can paint it. If not, there is a place nearby that does "wraps". That should work just as well as paint.

If only Mother Nature would give me a bit of warm time so I can get it done. Don't like fussing in the garage when it's BRRRR cold.

Still have them Race Star rims. The damn tires I want for the rears, M & H 390/40-17's, keep getting moved further and further away. When I first got them, they were back ordered til January. Then April. Now fuckin June. Damn them. Wish I had never bought these damn rims.
11061 - 11068 of 11068 Posts