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It should be a lot better, the V6 spring were way too stiff for the weight of the truck.
They sell the springs in 50 pound increments and they can be changed without undoing the lower ball joint.
Yarding the front wheels off the ground is cool for pictures, But I want to use that energy to go forward.

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Brought it home from my friend's shop. Home sweet home.
The mess will get cleaned up soon

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Who made this LCA, they on a Lightning?
James Morrow built the A arms and added extra support for street duty since truck isn’t dedicated to track. I welded on the tabs for sway bar link attachment.

I was going to get it PC’d but after seeing this I will look into it for sure. VHT makes a aluminum cast paint as well if I prep it well enough. Since the lower intake isn’t easily available it’s nerve wracking handing it over to someone especially after the crossover wasn’t easy especially drilling the driver side.
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installed hydroboost that I made. Rebuilt a jy unit and painted it, then mounted it on a JCCustoms plate. It has all black an adapters and lines with one of the adapter fittings for the steering box coming from JCC as well, had to have him custom make them because no one offers the correct fitting! Ill have them now for anyone needing one. Also using a Jblot bracket kit with a moroso reservoir that has a -6an fitting welded on it. They are available also just with brand new bosch units and everything needed for install also the pedal height is adjustable to keep proper pedal height
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finally replaced the factory lower A-arms.
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