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Gave the dude a 50 spot and watched him beat the schitt out of some ladys new Infinity to get me a sticker :LOL

Mine always passes with flying colors, but here in NY they really put it to the test.

First they put it on the lift, cant with my bars

Then they pull the tires and check the brakes, mine suck

Check your tires, mine are bald

Then put it on the rollers for quite a while

@ 15-25 minutes in testing, besides the lift and tire/brake check

AS you know NO ONE touches my L, (other than Sal), last year I brought it somewhere I though I could trust and found out the SOB took it out and beat the schitt out of it @$%(@($%@#($$

So I had to pull up to the rear of the infinity so they could scan my windshield and point the camera towards me : o )
After seeing how frigging bad they beat that ladys cars up on the rollers, got dam I'm glad I didn't let them do it to mine. He had that thing screaming, I kept asking him "are you sure your not dynoing that thang" [smilie=omgrofl.gif]

I also found out, that very shortly they will be going to a new set up here in NY where all they have to do is plug into your test port, and that will be a much faster test. AMOF he said they just got the new set up the other day but it isn't on line yet.

Who knows maybe next year I'll actually let them do it...... :smt017

In the mean time the Infinity did pretty good, hehehehehehe
Emissions Test Limits "HC 0.80"........."CO 13.00"......NOx 1.80
Emissions Test Results......0.10 ...................3.47..............0.26

Catback will be here Tuesday (THANKS AZ)
soon afterwards it will be installed and n20 Dyno'd,
AND THEN IT'S ENG TOWN TIME, WOO HOO...................

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this isn't the type of thing i would post on an open forum on the internet, but good job passing [smilie=fingersx.gif]

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The good thing about california we don't have to smog our new cars every 6 yrs. So my 04 wont need it till the year 10, yea!
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