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Attention Members of LightningRodder:

We would like to see your trucks, we are asking that you post "1" pic, and "1" pic only.. So choose your favorite shot of your truck.
We are asking that it be only of your truck. So if you drive a Gen.1, Gen.2, or a Harley truck. Post one picture up. I stress the number 1 to save room for all members to be seen.
Also feel free to give a brief run down on your truck as well, with your mods, and ET if you have that info.:bigtu:
Harley Davidson Link;

Thank you,

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12.01 @ 112mph

Stock Block
KB 2.3
3" upper and 5# Lower
2400 stall
stock headers
bassani exhaust w offroad x-pipe
95mm Sniper Maf
60# fuel Injectors
Dual 255lph Fuel Pumps
JLP T-Bars
CE DS Loop
JLP ThunderPipe
JLP Ram Air
Killer Chiller

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