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disagree that Korn will continue to beat UF.. its english.. you need me to say it in spanish or french? Its obvious you voted for biden.
I need you to say it in plain English. I love how you come in, swing off uncle Frank's nuts while fondling his shaft and call me the Biden voter.

Thanks for giving me another reason to stay on the west coast. I often forget the ne is infested with cunts.

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I was not sure how UF was going to proceed. He made it real clear in a conversation with me that there was no way to run with Eric's combo when I stated I had to get back home from my heart issues and crunch some numbers. I did state that if Eric can run those numbers, then anyone with the resources(money,desire,skill) could also. It is only physics.

These guys are on the edge of what my combo can run all in. Not sure the risk is worth it to push it that hard with a Ford GT block that can not be replaced.Choice will be between spending money to challenge or sell off and go fishing...


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Assuming we are still taking 2.3 blower record I would bet on Korn.

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Who is this guy??! Lol. Eric has the record, and no doubt he is going to lower it. The truck has had very few runs on it in its present form. He鈥檒l continue to dial it in.

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I disagree... My money is on the ole timer... Eric is a very nice guy, but he wont be the king for long.
I will shut up, when im dead brother... LOL
So lets see this 鈥渞oad course鈥 Lightning, or is it a non-existent one
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I would rather watch cars rust then read more of this garbage... Jeez...

Either way its just all talk until someone walks the walk.

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It is all talk until someone actually has reason to challenge the record. But a goal has been set. Some are making plans on how to attack the record. Is this not the place to discuss/debate the way to get there?

I was shocked how low Eric set the mark. I was in the hospital and missed out talking to him about it and the privilege of seeing it. With only a few passes, of course I believe he will find ways to lower the mark. He is a very smart guy and knows these trucks inside out! But I have no doubt he was "all in" that day. You don't work hard on a combo and travel that distance to leave anything on the table.

Now that the mark is set, it is a daunting number. It will take great knowledge, big $$$ and a big risk to beat it. Can it be done? Certainly! All records fall eventually if people pursue them. Is it worth the time and financial risk? Only the potential challenger will decide that.


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Eric told me that he still had timing left to add in if he wanted to. Seems like he has more to do if he wants to drop the record even more.
Eric was definitely not (ALL IN) as you put it Big JIm* to say he will lower the record is an understatement *


I saw that pass and I know our lightning trucks there is no doubt in my mind just as the truck Sits without touching the motor he will go 9.0s no problem *

All he has to do is keep the front down and put in an ARB* (that鈥檚 it)

and she will go 9.0s. Right Off the trailer* 馃挴

there is not a (5.4) (2.3) Whipple on the planet that can match that Et*

again congratulations to a true gentleman*

it was definitely an awesome and impressive pass*

And i was very lucky to have seen it*

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Im quite certain Mr Korn isnt scared of anything. Im just saying UF's new set up will be consistently faster than his previous one. Mr Korn's reign as king will come to an end in spring.
Im also sure 2023 will be fun to watch... I'll bring cash for anyone who wants to place bets against UF
Lmmfao! Get off the pipe crack head
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