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Umpteenth time dropping the tank

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The saga continues.... Why in the hell am I ripping internal fuel hoses???? Seems like every two years I have to drop the tank and repair. I am using the injector clamps and tightening them all the way till they stop. Am I doing this wrong??? My other hose from the tee to the line has been on there since the first change with the same clamps and has been solid (knock on wood).

Getting good at this though... my services are available if needed :)

All input is appreciated

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What kind of hose you using, Is it cut to the proper length?
What kind of hose you using, Is it cut to the proper length?
Hmmmm Both are now straight on with very little flex. Maybe I had too much hose??? Gates fuel hose btw. I was thinking about getting a hose a size bigger and using it as a buffer between the clamp and the fuel hose.

Oh a good note.... My A/F gauge did it's job. Hit it this evening and saw my mix at 15ish HOLY CRAP!!!! Jumped off the throttle quicker than me getting off period :)
You are using the proper crimping tool I hope.,not just regular pliers?
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