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Truck getting a makeover...

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well not getting a new paint job or anything (although Id love to paint her yellow)...

but Thursday shes gettin all this installed

1. Full Exhaust (Kooks LT, High Flow Cats, XPipe, Dual Magnaflow)
2. New Plenum
3. Phenolic Spacer
4. 2.8 Upper
5. Idler Kit
6. New Gatorback Belt

im sure after all this I will feel a slight seat of the pants difference.... whoohooo, i cant wait!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D
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We are no better than kids at christmas time. :D

Enjoy the extra fun.

MOD TIME :smt026

Nice list, and nice choice, you WILL feel the Dif

CONGRATS :cheers:
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