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Traction Bar ?

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Okay here is my problem. I just installed a set of LFP Rancho Bars and the Passanger side is hitting the exhaust how can I fix this? If I pull the exhaust up then the tips look retarded and if I leave them were the are they hit the damn exhaust :smt017 . I am going to put a piece of radiator hose around the bar until I can figure out how to solve this delima. If anyone has any input that would be great.
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You must be about 4'' low in the rear then :smt017 Hmmmm.....
I have the same problem and loosened all the connectors and moved it up to get some clearance. It does not hit but the tips do not look as good. I am not giving up the bassani or the long bars so There will be another solution soon...
Well I solved the problem with a little elbow grease and a dremel. I cut the reatiners off of the tip and then moved the U bolts turning them sideways thisway they are not hitting the traction bars and I don't get that damn squeak scrape everytime I hit a bump. :D
I have a question about putting the LFP bars on my 2004 L with the stock exhaust. Will I have plenty of clearance if I'm running the stock, taller rear height on the 2003/2004s? About how much clearance is there and how much can I drop the rear WITH SHACKLES and still have PLENTY of clearance?
With a Stock exhaust you should have about 2 to 3 inches of clearance. you should be able to drop the rear 2 inches with no problem but if you do then do what I did and cut the schakles and then rotate them 90 degrees each way to have the nuts clear the bars. If you get any dinging then i went ahead and put a piece of radiator hose anout a foot long around the traction bar just to dampen the metallic sound. I hear no clanging anymore. :D
Thanks...Ok, I feel better about buying them now.
I know some have the Lakewood traction bars so I'm wondering if they will work good with a 2" belltech drop shackle? Aswell is Lak-21715 the correct part number? Thanks.
I am not sure on the Lakewoods I have not installed them. If you can give me some specs on them I might be able to make a judgement call if you would like.
I don't have any specs but i can get the bars for just over a hundred cdn. so maybe I'll just have to try them.
sonic blue l said:
I don't have any specs but i can get the bars for just over a hundred cdn. so maybe I'll just have to try them.
Haven't you learn yet..........
"You get what you pay for!"
true, but will they work? [smilie=fingersx.gif]
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