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It was my first time ever at a drag strip

My best time was

13.9712 @ 98.80

2.1058 ----- 60 FT
5.8983 ----- 330 FT6
8.4471 ----- 594 FT
9.0160 ----- 1/8 @ 79.09
11.6655 ---- 1000'

Raced a 2010 Camaro SS with exhaust and beat him in the 1/8 but lost in the 1/4


2.2147 2.4197
6.0128 6.1751
8.5566 8.5937
9.1255 @ 79.09 Ford Lightning 2000 - Full Exhaust, Tune
9.1437 @ 81.81 202 Chevy Camaro SS 2010 Full Exhaust
1/8 Mile

11.7660 11.5970 1000'

14.0627 @ 99.24 Ford Lightning
13.6879 @ 108.17 Camaro SS

My lightning seems to be stock even though I was told it had a 4lb lower.

Bassani headers, X pipe with High Flow cats, and bassani Cat Back
JLP street tune
Drop in K&N Cleaned it before I left.
Hankook Ventus Tires Max PSI
Full weight
O/D off
62 *
Humidity: 82% 55% 79% 77% Dew Point:56° Pressure: 30.04 in
1120 FT above sea level

Seems right for a basically bone stock truck I thought MPH would be a little higher, like 101-105. Let me know

Edit: Did a weight MPH Calculator and weighing in about 4700-4800 Lbs with a 99.24 mph run was around 360-375 HP
Corrected time is 13.59 @ 101.46

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the 60fts are killing you big time. you need a set of drag radials and drop the 60fts down and your times will improve alot. both passes sounded like you were spinning. climb under the truck and measure the lower pulley and see what size it is.

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why are you running hankooks at MAX psi???? that n spinning is adding to the higher mph on the big end. Get it to hook and you'll pull alot of ET off!

[email protected] mph is my best time on stock pulleys/tune at 3900 DA... but i'm going built... so maybe skip the 12's for me?:smt042

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Ya man what they said, get that 60ft down to where it belongs and it'll be a whole new ball game. You really do need to identify whats on it and when you do you might want to consider a nice current dyno tune. In any case you had fun you got to launch that puppy and nothing broke, CONGRATS :cheers
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