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Not the fastest Text
pass but that 60 tho. Started the day with a previous best of 1.60. And now this. Spookfest should be a good time. Built 4r100 no trans brake. Pi converter. Ten pounds at the line. Get you some of that. Leaving like a blower truck. All thanks go to Paul Albino for building a bad ass kit and tune. Hit up Paul for all ur turbo lightning needs

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hope that's not the case, but head gasket or something along those lines would sound very similar to what I had happen back in the spring. Saw you dropped off the SF list too.

My spring last time out was:
1.44 sixty with a 10.0 @ 143 pass
1.37 sixty with a 9.95 @ 133 pass, down 1 cylinder

better 60, better 330, close by the 1/8, then 10 mph down by the 1/4 from the loss of a cylinder.

Hope it's alright, or an easy fix!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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