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Please read these rules before buying or selling ANYTHING here on LR.Com


1. You must have a minimum post count of 50 BEFORE selling anything and you must be the owner of the item/items your selling.

2. You must state the condition of the vehicle or item your selling and you will be held to that description. If you say something is mint or perfect and the buyer receives trashed or useless your expected to refund, exchange, or make it right. If it's beat up simply tell us it's beat up and price it accordingly.

NOTE: If the item is "not as advertised" and you the seller sold it under false pretends and refuse to make good on it then you will be removed and Black Listed from the forum.

3. Please put a price on all items your selling, this is not eBay or an auction.

4. Please disclose any shipping cost so the buyer is aware of them before he / she buys an item.

5. Please post a picture of the actual item / items your selling.

6. Please ship the item / items out within 2 or 3 days (if your not ready to ship then your NOT ready to sell). If an item is paid for and hasn't ship after 7 days the buyer is entitled to a refund unless there's a good reason and the buyer agrees.

NOTE: No non-sponsor commercial sales. If your a vendor or company wishing to promote or sell your products please contact a forum administrator about forum sponsorship.


1. IMMEDIATELY inspect anything you buy and if it is not as advertised contact the seller immediately. Any Damage Claim must be made within the first 72 hours. If the seller is not cooperative please contact one of the main Staff Members.

2. Understand anything you buy is most likely used (unless stated otherwise) please don't expect it to be flawless because it's probably NOT.

3. Place Feedback of your experience (negative and or positive) in our Classified Feedback Forum.
Notice we said "YOUR EXPERIENCE", (we don't want to hear how your friend got screwed from this guy and that guy)

4. EXERCISE COMMON SENSE! Ask plenty of questions and for additional pics and information if needed!


1. If you think the price is high DO NOT bash the thread, simply don't buy it. If your interested contact the seller in private and work it out.

2. If someone constantly post negative comments in others For Sale Ad's you will be banned from that thread or the entire forum.

3. No excessive bumping of the thread please, if it's a good deal we'll find it.

4. Once again... EXERCISE COMMON SENSE! Ask plenty of questions and for additional pics and information if needed!

Thank You for your Support


From this point forward we WILL NOT delete any Classified Ad's once an item sells, they will be placed in an archive you can search.


There has been BAD SELLERS & BAD DEALS in our Classifieds just like everywhere else, we can not stress enough how important it is to know the Seller and do some investigating BEFORE you buy. We have no control or responsibility over anything bought & sold on the site.
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