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First let me say I spend 2 days cleaning my Lightning,
Thanks to the got dam bright sun, all the pic's came out crappy

Oh well, shined it up and headed over to the Bald Hill Car Meet/Show

First one I met up with was Jason, man I thought mine looked good till I saw his,
much deeper Black and Shine than mine, very noticable difference. Hot Rims, nice Grills,
Just an all around Beautiful Lightning, nice seeing you again LOONY J

Then Josh (Blown5Pnt4) Showed up with his new Fancy Rims, WOO HOO, Smooooooooooking Josh.... Sorry no shots of the rims
Good to see you again Josh, the truck looks awesome.
Sorry we didn't get to BS more

And one REALLY HOT Silver Lightning owned by Brian (struck2001)
Looking Good B, man that thing is sweet, nice hanging out....

Dam sun ruined every pic (&@#^$%(#@$%(#$%#(&$





And a new Black Lightning for the LOONY's, (dam I'm bad with names @#(&$^#$)



Hey Look Josh, I FINALLY get a shot of a new Rim, and it's the one you
lost the cap for tonight, hahahahahahahahaha
No thats not funny, I'm sorry, that sucks so bad, sorry Bro... But they look GREAT....

My trucks ruinning awesome, it was a beautiful night, jr had a good time,
I got to hang out with some great people and Beautiful L's,
Man it dont get much better than this......

Some of the pic's are being cut off, but I didn't feel like resizing them all again
Orig's are HERE

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Hells yeah!! today was awesome. It was good to see everyone.
Rob and Jay it was nice meeting you guys and hanging. Sweet L Rob!!
I like bald hill.... Ls,and cool peeps and girlies!! [smilie=laugh.gif]
I had a great time.

Hopefully more Ls will show up next time.

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it was def a good time.....we'll have to do it again soon, after I get my new damn centercap back on &^%&^(&^$ still dunno how it dissapeared....was there when I left work, gone when I got home.. :sad: new one ships tomorrow. Rob your truck sounds sick and I cant wait to get a ride with the spray on when you finally get it all tuned up. I feel left out cuz I'm the only truck that didnt get a solo Damn you Brian, I told you that damn truck was gonna take all my damn

Sweeeeeeeet... Looks like you guys had fun. :D

Hey Rob your son is cute, are you sure he came from you?? :smt064 :smt017
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