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these were put on the truck back in july so they might have 1000 miles on them if that. upgraded to a 2.3 whipple and decided to upgrade to a willwood 14 inch front brake set up is the reason im selling.
the calipers and brakes were bought off amazon--
the rotors off
the bearings and seals were all new. the only thing needed to install these right on your truck would be the spindle nut, washer and cotter pin.
400.00 shipped
Power Stop S4652 Performance Caliper $167.19
Hawk Performance HB299Y.650 LTS Brake Pad 106.63
StopTech Cryo Treated Rotors - Slotted Brake Rotor - High-Carbon 126 for 2002 Ford F-150 Lightning 186.17 each



1 - 2 of 2 Posts