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Stiegemeier up-sized Injectors can be installed and driven to your tuner without difficulties unlike new aftermarket Injectors that can prevent your vehicle from starting much less being driven. This saves you the hassle of trailering your car, however you should avoid wide open throttle situations until your vehicle has been tuned properly.

Re-sized Injectors are marked in pounds per HR. The cylinder number is scribed on the injector. This will have the top flowing injectors in the hottest cylinders.

Tuning- IMPORTANT Do Not load a higher value file for your re-sized Injectors.. Simply trim wide open throttle as you normally would through the MAF transfer function subtracting 1% for every pound added to your Injectors is common

Injector Size x 10 Rich Okay at 75% Duty Cycle
Injector Size x 11 Correct at 85% Duty Cycle
Injector Size x 12 Lean at 95% Duty Cycle

Sample: 50# x 11 = 550 RWHP potential

50% E85 add 10# to injector
100% E85 add 20# to injector

Sample: 58 # x 11 = 638 RWHP potential at 85% duty cycle
Add 10 # for E85 injector size to be 68#

There are many factors to fuel delivery such as pump voltage, line volume, hose size, injector tuning, ect....

The above chart is a good rule of thumb.

Call for further information if needed - (636)-949-2275

[email protected]

Thank you
Robert D Stiegemeier
Stiegemeier Porting Service LLC
Stiegemeier Porting Services, LLC - Supercharger Rebuild and Repair
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