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steering column

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has anybody installed the 2002/03 Harley truck steering column gauge mount?
If so what is your opinion


2004 lightning.
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For what it is worth I have one on my 02 HD and it is great IMO. It blocks the view of the Odometer but that is about it. I dont need to see that anyway! :LOL Easy install.
Looks good.

Thank you for the input.

That is one of the next improvements.

2004 lightning.
I did too, but decided on the buying the two seperate and going with the Ford Racing Gauge instead.
Got them both on E-Bay, had both in my hands in 3 days.

It's much nicer in person, I brightened the pic up to see it beter and lost some color and depth.
I personally like this gauge cause it goes to 30, and I happen to have a little over 20lbs of boost.
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Looks Good Rob, what is a little over 20 mean :LOL
im glad this thread came up. i just got this settup and i was wondering what line i needed to tap into so that i can have the gauge read boost pressure.
looks good just like the lightning insigna on the wheel.

2004 lightning
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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