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Its a little late for anyone to get racing tickets for this upcoming weekends SSOTN event, but spectators are welcomed and you will see great racing action from all types of vehicles.

The Rhoades brothers will be there pullin the wheels off the ground in their awesome Camaros.

Also there will be plenty of Lightnings going for new best ET's/MPH's. Two of which are from the Woodbine Motorsports camp, BTJ trying to better his 11.19 HEATON powered run and Nuno trying to dip lower than his current [email protected] on his stock block KB'd 99 Lightning, it should be a show for sure.

Also, the newest Woodbine Motorsports tuned vehicle, Bruce's Heavy ass H/D will be going for a new best.

It will be a great time had by all, so come out and enjoy the fun!!!!!

:D :D :D

[email protected]
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