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Spookfest 2020

Friday October 30th
Cecil County Dragway
Gates open 8:00am

In the Event of Rain - We will assign a New Date.

-$170 per racer if paid by Saturday September 26th

-$200 per racer if paid by Saturday October 17th



If you’re not paid by October 17th you’re not racing.

-$10 per crew/spectator they will pay at the gate.

-Street tires will be permitted but limited to one lane

-Both lanes will be prepped .

-Everyone Must be able to Pass Tech.

-NO food will be provided

If paying by PayPal please send it to
Brett Samanns
[email protected]

If paying by Check please email
Brett for his address to send the checks to
[email protected]

Please send it as a gift to friends and family (if you send it the wrong way and a fee is charged you will be responsible for the difference). We’re not making any money off of this rental so anything that’s not paid comes out of our pockets.

Also we don’t always know everyone’s full name and/or their screen name on the message forums so please try to put some of that with your payment so we all know who you are.

1. Frank Rossetti
2. Raymond Brantley
3. Jack Georgakis
4. Jeff Sparkman
5. Earl Scott
6. Gary Anderson
7. Tim Cochran
8. Mitch George
9. Luis Martinez
10. Greg Rudinsky
11. Joe Toal
12. Stephen McGovern
13. Oscar Garcia
14. Jeff Brackins
15. Johnny Kulcycki
16. Joe Toal #2
17. John Kiernan
18. Charles Flohr
19. Velli Nittis
20. Pawel Mackiewicz
21. Michal Kotowski
22. Krzysztof Perka
23. Gregory Raciborski
24. Marcin Kosiarek
25. George Pirpinias
26. Scott Rudinsky
27. Brian Walling
28. David Kimbley
29. Justin Remick
30. Ron Edwards
31. John Baybo
32. Rob Hoppel
33. Rob Watson
34. Ron Gabeyelski
35. Josh Verdieck
36. Rob Gandy
37. Nick Andrianopoulos
38. Brian Ort
39. Mike Lang
40. Tim Lynch
41. Russel Lamboy
42. Dave Licata
43. John Wiker
44. George Cooper
45. Shawn Finn
46. Dan Finn
47. Valerie Clements
48. Eric Korn
49. Charlie Hicks
50. Bobby Nichols
51. Bobby Nichols #2
52. Uncle Frank Masiano
53. Sam George
54. Vito Testa
55. Asia Cooper Sr
56. Asia Cooper Jr
57. Sam Cooper
58.Joel Cooper
59. Lushie Spragues
60. Nick Sineno

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Nice to see this continue, maybe a GTHD can run down the track or not.

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Going to be a great event! Lots of records on the line!! I’m looking forward to seeing the 2.3, 2.9 record lowered.
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As a Gen 1 owner I do not make it over to this forum much. But I am VERY glad to see Gen 2 interest! Hopefully more will come.

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is there a max capacity they'll allow? I know past years it's been no limits, just wasn't sure with covid if the track had any restrictions on caps for a rental.

I should be set to make it this year (knock on wood lol). Truck has ~400 miles on the 4v build, going to make an appt for JL's later this month for a race tune. As long as nothing dumb pops up last min like alt or PS issues that bit me last time around, I'm looking forward to finally making some passes in this dusty ol' thing lol

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Josh, as of right now there is no limit but if they impose a limit between now and then it will be first come first serve on the paid list and we will refund the money in a reverse order over the limit.

Just a reminder it’s $170 if paid by Saturday September 26th (19 days from now)

and $200 after that up until the cutoff of October 17th.
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