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Static...Switches r 4 Bitches
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I recently have been modding my once stock L. Here's a list of mods and pictures to go with. I hope you enjoy, comments welcome!


-JLP Intake
-C&L elbow
-C&L Plenum
-Accufab SBTB
-Home Ported Supercharger
-NGK tr6's
-DMR Oil Seperator
-Canton Res
-Bassani Headers
-Comp R Exhaust
-6lb lower pulley
-SCT handheld
-Punisher comp VB

-DJM upper control arms
-Hotchkis springs
-Belltech spindles
-removed bumpstops
-DJM shackles
-DJM Hangers
-Hotchkis leaf springs
-removed bumpstops

total of 5" in the front 6" in the rear... However I measure the bottom of the fender to the center of the center caps is 15" in the front and back. Sits perfectly even.

Supporting Mods:

-Bronco Beater Panhard bar
-T/A Dif Cover
-Ruslow battery relocation under rear bumper (with terminals)
-Rotopros front and rear rotors
-Center Console with custom SVT lid (Matches seats)
-Black Carpet
-Wideband/boost/trans temp/fuel pressure gauges
-5k Hids in the fogs and heads

On with the pictures

I will try and get some nice pictures taken of the truck one of these days and update this thread.

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that outlet is too large and the inlet is too small on your port job

Static...Switches r 4 Bitches
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I was going to match the elbow and throttle body but thought it would be too much of the same color flowing.

Right now I just have an email tune from WMS. It's not really performance tune. More or less a safe tune with timing pulled and extra fuel flowing at wot.
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