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SFPH - Accufab Throttle Body/ True Flow Intake Plenum Combo!!

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Hey guys, I am offering a Accufab Throttle Body/True Flow Intake Plenum Combo this week on my website. I will be uploading these onto the Lightning/Harley WebPages for all to see, as well as purchase. Thought you guy's would like to be the first to know about it. Check this out:

Accufab Hi-Polished Throttle Body / TrueFlow Upper Powder Coated Intake
Plenum / Combo

Flow testing has shown that this arrangement increases airflow through the
stock upper manifold by 10.9%. People who already have the single blade
throttle body and upgrade to our new intake will see a nearly 20% greater
improvement in flow, for a total flow improvement of 29.8 % over the stock
throttle body and intake combo.

- Intake Configuration Flow Rate % Increase Over Stock
  Stock Plenum/Stock TB = 850 CFM (Baseline)

-C&L Plenum/Single Blade TB = 1103 CFM (29.8% Increase over stock!)

How's that for a performance difference in comparing the above units =  253
CFM increase over Factory Stock!! When using the above Single Blade Throttle
Body/ Plenum Combo, the test vehicle saw a peak HP gain of 21 and a torque
increase of 30 ft/lbs.
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that is nice.....real nice I hate being poor
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