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It's that time of year again! Time to hang out at the track, drink some
beer, and watch some top fuel action! The Amalie Nationals are at San
Antonio Raceway and will be going on April 1st - 2nd. I'm sending this
invite out to all that are interested in going on Saturday, April 2nd
starting at 5:00 pm. The seats will be $45.00 a piece.

Since the event will have assigned seating I needed to find a solution
for giving everyone an opportunity to sit together as a group. My
solution was to throw a website together that aloud everyone to purchase
the tickets through me and then I will call SAR and buy all the seats at
one time.

Since I will be charged 2.9% for every credit card transaction I'm
adding 2.9% shipping and handling. I will shut this site down and place
the ticket order on March 14. Once the tickets are purchased they will
be mailed to you. The site is located at

Hope to see you all there!

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