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SA Track night?

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As there seems to be a handfull of San Antonio area members here...

Anyone heading out to SAR Wednesday night or Friday night?

I'm raring to try out my newest mod - a dyno sheet :D

I've got a bag of traction mojo workin' and I want to see some sub 2.0 60's

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According to the weather channel, the evening temps for SA might make an OK evening to hit the track up. Unfortunately, I will be tied up with some prior engagements and will not be able to go. Good luck herb, I am rooting for ya, and a few buddies of mine might be out there, I'll tell them to keep an eye out for a true blue gen 2 out there tearing it up. One buddy is a mustang owner, the other is a former gen 1 lightning owner, former mustang owner, and current owner of a SICK turbo buick GN!

Be sure to make all sacrifices to the tractions gods at the tech check in :)

Good luck brother!,
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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