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How much for the Skull
I got to have one :smt118

Awesome Job Wicked, [smilie=bow.gif] my my you are multi talented :smt023

I think I WILL talk to you about some CUSTOM designs I have in mind :D
YOU are going to be a HUGE Help BRO, I can't Thank You enough.
I can DEF see us selling them, woo hoo.................................

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"Speed Junkie"
"SV 650" cause I just traded in my trail bike for a SV650S
"1st Gen"
"2nd Gen"
"Got Speed?"
"Got Boost"
"Turbo's Lag"
"Limited edition"
"Be First"
"Fear This"
"Fear Nothing"
"Power Trip"
"So Bad"
"Race Proven"
"Feel the Thunder"
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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