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I just released a new Vampire. Added features include:

1) A "2 step" rev limiter, similar to the MSD 8734. The limit is set with a knob on the front panel. Turn the knob until the rev limit test point reads the desired RPM. For example, 3.65v = 3650 RPM. The limiter can be armed by either 12v or Gnd, and is selected by a mode switch on the front panel. At the limit, the unit cuts every third spark, dropping power by 33%. If the engine goes 100 RPM higher, the unit cuts as many sparks as needed.

2) Test points to set the Boost Retard "Start" and "Rate" knobs.

3) Built in "Knock-Finder" display on the front panel.

4) Moved the harness connector to the rear.

I will update the thread with a couple photos later this evening.

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