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Hi all,

What's the consensus on rebuilding or buying a new block?

Here's my situation, a few years ago, I bought a built long block that dropped a valve. The long block was rebuilt, and going into other details about it stirs up bad emotions. Bottom line the situation is a lesson learned.

The head is trashed, the cylinder piston has a hole, and a slight nick is in the cylinder wall. I think it's trashed too.

I have the original long block and am not opposed to reusing anything salvageable to rebuild a block between the two. I want to minimize the costs of getting the truck back on the road while still reaching my goal of building the truck of my dreams. I'm not looking for big horsepower numbers. The goal is to build a performance street reliable truck.

The truck is a 2001 HD. Supercharging the truck has always been a dream since buying the truck in 2002. With the truck build, I tried to do everything right. After all, it was a dream. I collected parts over ten years and got all the supporting mods. I didn't break the bank with the build, and purchasing what was needed over time made it affordable.

Now I want to get it back on the road. What would you do?

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