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Rapto(R) engine in a Lightning

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I was looking at the new predator engine for the new V8 Raptor truck. The engine is a truck version of the 5.2L predator in the GT500. The truck 5.2L is supposed to have a torque converter different from a DCT.

I was thinking… wouldn’t it be badass (plausible) to have one in our Lighting’s? Worth it? I’m talking Supercharger and all. Drop in and run a stand-alone setup?

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Cool yes but why when you can make north of 700hp at the rear tire easily with our current combinations....

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I’m making north of 700HP with current engine build but I want reliability! To much to ask for I know especially when you want to street a 850HP L like I was with last setup.
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It's not a different converter.

The raptor has the 10r the gt500 has a tremec 7 speed with a dct.

The truck engine has a few differences as noted on a few forums based on part numbers. Manifolds, possibly cams. But for intents and purposes it's a gt500 motor.

A built coyote with a turbo is probably similar cost and and more reliable.

You're looking at aftermarket ecu's with either setup.
Thanks for the clear up on the transmission stuff.

5.0 would probably be cheaper..
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