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I was recently looking around while doing my oil change. I believe my Intercooler pump has died. I see no circulation in surge tank. I'm not disappointed at all with 171K on the O.E. pump. Anyone use any of the other pump options, I'm leaning toward a brushless model. I want one that will bolt up in the original place.

My other pump issue, I was cruising on the highway at about 70mph. I leaned into the throttle and the truck missed and nosed over like it ran out of fuel supply. I let off and repeated the process with the same result. Fuel pumps are also O.E. I change my fuel filter often. I will be checking fuel pressure to see if the relay is kicking up voltage when boost ramps up. Hopefully my injection gauge has a long enough hose that I can tape it to the windshield. I know the resistor is good and hot so the low side voltage feed to the pumps is working. If I do go with replacement pumps, what should I consider additionally? I read about a Y connection for the pumps, a fuel hat, or improved wiring harnesses. I want to do it right and do it once. Are the 255 lph pumps still the preferred replacements?

Thanks for any advice you may have, it's always appreciated!

007 :cool:
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