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Okay everyone with a Preadtor needs to go to Once you go there you need to go to the Download section and download this update to the Predator.

Ford Lightning:
r5 - release revision

After you get this download you need to scroll down the page until you see this

4) Windows DAT Viewer for Ford
(For any help with installing or downloading this software please contact:
Brian at (561)908-0040 ext.202)

The DAT (Data Acquisition Tool) Viewer is a Windows based PC software allowing you to view graphically on your PC the live data obtained using the logging feature of your Predator for Ford.

This is the live data acquizition tool that they have released for us to use. It is great kind of like the LS1 edit if anyone is familuar with it. The only catch is you either need to have a long cable to attach to your home pc or you need a laptop to view it since you have to have it plugged into the truck for it to read the PIDs.

I just thought I would share it with you all.

If you want to see a screen shot of it here is one.

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Cool Feature, I like it......

Good Info Bro

(times like this I wish I had a Predator)
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