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New to me from my Dad. Stock '93 L with cats deleted and flowmasters. I turned 92K driving it back from Santa Fe to Denver. Once I ran the old gas out and spurred it hard a couple of times it was running good. Last 10+ years had it running easy dragging the horse arena or a quick run to the dump. Not sure it made it out of 2nd in 10 years.

On center steering is loose. Once in a turn the steering is solid. I'm more into (street) road course than 1320'.

I request some patience with the clan. Yeah - I'm a N00b here but not an idiot. I'll do my homework but it takes some time and I'm excited to be a new L owner. I appreciate input and I'll take the heat that comes with earning my chops.

Geeze. Let's go with with list...

  • How do I tighten up the on center steering feel?
  • Better yet - how about a link to disc/download of a repair manual? Ebay has not been of help... I've wrenched on all my vehicles (current FJ Cruiser, '94 Land Rover D90, Porsche 911, 914's, turbo rabit ([email protected]!), etc.) and I'm not afraid of the L. ALL work will be done by me.
  • I'll continue to search but a link to the emission delete would help.
  • Left side tailgate does not latch. 2 outboard screws on the inside upper gate are missing. Will replacing them fix the challenge?
  • I'm reading about trac bars - I had them on an old Bronco and worked like a champ - how about a recommendation/link?
  • I've got a few weekends of TLC ahead of me to get the rattles out, the hay cleaned out, and cleaned up to know where I need to go.
  • I appreciate recommendations relative to a modest build budget (e.g. <$2,500)
Thanks and I'm looking forward to learning and contributing.

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Pirated manuals on disk, dunno
I prefere the factory Ford books = ebay 60- 100 for a full set.

loose steering, could be anything.
You need a helper to wiggle the steering wheel back and forth like 2 inches, while looking at all the joints, bushings etc, for play.
IE, tie rod ends,ball joints,drag link, steering box, radius arm, I beam etc.

You need to see where the play is, otherwise you gonna waste alot of time and money.
usuall common suspects are radius arm bushings, and the steering box, but could be anything.

You also need to check the bracket for the radius arms for cracks, or movment, one is bolted in, the other has rivets.
should make sure the steering box is bolted tight, and no cracks also to be safe.

You need to spend a little more time searching or google.

I am sure there is hundreds of threads on traction bars.
long bars are proven, others work also, depends on who you want to believe.

google "LFP" or "JLP" Lightning Force Performance, Johnny Lightning Performance.

you might have to call, as they usually say out of stock. they make Long bar kits for our trucks.

Tailgate, prolly a adjustment in the latch, hinge or striker. might get a body shop guy to help you, if you want it fitting correct.

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My94L - thank you very much for taking the time.

I especially appreciate the steering slop insight. I'll crawl underneath this weekend when I'm home and have my wife help from inside the cab.

I'm familiar with Chevy steering boxes cracking the frame and I've seen an old box Bronco get out of control and flip from a loose steering box attachment to the frame; again I appreciate you pointing me towards the usual suspects.

Yes, lots of searching and reading ahead.

I'll also get a few pics up once I'm back in the state.
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