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Short & simple. This black Caddy was covered with swirls and holograms.

Wash: Carpro Foam Cannon, Ironx Snow Soap, 2 bucket Method & Merino Mitt.
Decon: Ironx, Nanoskin towel (Fine) w/Optimum No Rinse (ONR) for clay lube.
Inspect: Measure and document all paint imperfections and paint thickness.
Compound: Rupes 21 with 5" BP, 5" Carpro 5" Flash pad and Meguiars M101.
Polish: Rupes 21, 5" Backing Plate, 5" Carpro Gloss pad and Carpro Reflect.
Small Areas: Griots 6" polisher, Megs 3" Backing plate & 3" Carpro gloss pads.
Engine Bay: Degreased, cleaned with APC and dressed with Sonus Motor Kote.
Wheels: Steam cleaned, dressed and protected with Carpro Reload.
Tires: Cleaned and coated with Waxaddict Slicks Tyre Sealant.
LSP: All paint surfaces coated with CQuartz FINEST.

All better now. Crisp, clear, sharp and glossy.

Thanks for looking.
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