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Finally getting around to editing and posting some pics I took at The All Ford World Finals in Bowling Green. Due to all the rain I wasn't able to get all the pics I wanted. Still had a awesome time!! Tried getting a media pass but no luck :( Can't wait for next year.

Gen 1's

Gen 2's

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awesome pics man!

sucks about the weather!

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Great pics, thanks so much for being there and taking pics. The weather totally sucked and I didnt get enough hits to dial the car in but atleast you got a picture of one if its good launches. :bigtu

Thats right everyone, I now have a 1982 Fairmont Futura that runs a sealed Coyote motor in Factory Stock. I actually finished 8th in points this year and only attended two races. (runner up'd in Atlanta) :bigtu

Thanks again Tony,

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