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I sent you an e-mail Josh! I didn't know you signed up until now otherwise I would have posted my response on here heheheheheheh :D

I threw you my answer in the e-mail :)


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WELCOME Boss  [smilie=wavey.gif]

I answered you over on F-150

Rob_02Lightning said:
Diff between Nitrous Tune and Regular tune is

A n20 tune has

Less Timing
Shorter Shift Points
Rev Limiter moved waaaaaaaaaaaay up (mine is set at 6900 RPM)
Fatter A/F
and yes you can drive it 24/7 like that

AMOF a Nitrous tune makes a VERY SAFE 24/7 daily driving street program, and it's great for cold weather, long WOT blast, and economy (better gas milage).
I switch to my n20 program for winter driving, or parkway
WOT blast, (been driving it over 2 years like that)

there is no doubt it will not be a very aggresive all gasoline tune,
that is why I will always continue to use a multi chip that can be switched on the fly;)  , GO DIABLO.....................
any questions, drop me an e-mail [email protected]
Hi Chris [smilie=wavey.gif]

Oh ya, I can't use that address here, hehehehehe
[email protected]

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Rob pretty much covered everything but I am guessing you are asking if nitrous can be used with a chip that only has 1 program and set for 'off' nitrous use? The answer depends on how aggressive your tune is and if you use a progresive controller. A 50 shot is not very extreme for a 5.4 motor if the other mods are not crazy. If you do have an aggressive tune then a simple progressive controller can bring you back to safety as you can start with as low as 10-20 hp and build up to the 50hp higher in the rpm band where the cylinder pressures are relieved quicker and kep you safe. Ignition retard is not crucial for 50 hp as the cooling effect on a forced inducted motor will offset this and keep you from detonating.

In saying all this a stock motor can blow with a bad tune so address this area the most.
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