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Here is my next round of mods
Crower stage 2 cams, Crower titainium reatainers, Crower springs, and Walbro dual 255 pumps  :D

This should finish me up on mods for a while. I think the only thing I dont have is ported heads.

I still need to work on my tune, but I postponed the tune until I install these parts.

The only bad news is that I have a lot of installs to do on other peoples trucks ...which means that mine will have to wait for at least a month, maybe 2 months  :-?, but thats okay....I have waited this long.


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Thanks Guys :D

Here is a list of my Mods for those who might not know.

Crower stage 2 Cams** waiting install
Walbro dual 255 pumps**waiting install
Built Shortblock
Kenne Bell Supercharger
KB pulleys (3.5, 3.25, 3.00, 2.75, 2.50)
Metco 6lb. lower
60# injectors
SCT Pro Racer Tuning Software
Raptor Datalogger
AEM Wideband
Metco idler assy.
Accufab Single Blade Throttle Body
C&L Trueflow Inlet Pipe with Custom 95mm MAF Tube
Denso Iridium IT22 plugs (or NGK BR7EF’s)
Dynatech Longtube Headers and High flow converters
Bassani Cat-back Exhaust
Elec. Fan
Cobra waterpump
170 degree Thermostat
EGR Delete
Factory Tech trans valve body
FT 2600 Stall
Strange Engineering 10-way adjustable rear shocks
JLP 54" Traction Bars
JLP Driveshaft loop
M&H Racemaster Cheater Slicks size 30x14x16

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:smt010 I want Cams too  :smt088

How long wont you be using them for you say  :LOL

WOW KB Zilla, now thats some nice schitt right there [smilie=bow.gif]
When ever I think your Monster cant get any better, it does
CONGRATS PAL, and niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.....

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Hey KBZILLA I need a seed from your money tree for next year :LOL. Like Rob said everytime I think you have it all you come back with more bad ass stuff [smilie=bow.gif]

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herb101 said:
Cool stuff there!!

Looks like late summer is going to see a BUNCH of rewly 'renovated' Lightning monsters running around!

[smilie=fingersx.gif] :D [smilie=fingersx.gif] :D [smilie=fingersx.gif] :D
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