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dealerjim and "THE BEAST" IN DA HOUSE  :smt023

WELCOME Bro [smilie=wavey.gif]
Ya we got a few unfinished projects going on, but we're getting there,  :smt033
(we should have the First Edition of the On-Line Mag (e-zine) up SOON, Oh Chris  [smilie=fingersx.gif])
and then the Front Page will be back to normal and EVERYONE will be able to upload Video's
and or Sound Files AGAIN (BTW, you can still watch or listen to them), and if anyone has any to upload in the mean time, just sent it to Me or Chris, and we'll sneak it in through the back door.

Why did I think of LA the second I wrote "sneak it in through the Back Door"   [smilie=omgrofl.gif]

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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