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I'm new to forum and i just bought a F150 SVT Lightning '04 Black project at my local dealer. I joined the forum to be more informed and experienced and source some parts for my build. It feels to be here.
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The engine sounds like it need more work to be done because it's has a clicking sound and I'm pretty sure that's not how an engine sounds. Anyway I'm contemplating if I go for a new engine or just fix the problem.
Any recommendations where I can get affordable parts for the car?
Do your normal check up make sure your oil is good and spark plugs are good these trucks hate to be gapped where they’re not at for spec from the dealer if there’s no mods. Check your bolts for the manifolds if you say there’s a clicking sound.
start by reading the modding 101 guide on this site
it will answer a lot of questions you didn't even know you would ask
Welcome !!!
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