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New item for the gen2 lightning

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When i was at the PRI show I tasked at length to Jim Hill at Kenny Brown he told me of some new items they would be introducing. I got the confirmation the other day, here is the email i got from him.

A new Kenny Brown chassis brace is now available for your truck. Our
experience shows that the truck has a large amount of frame twist.
This brace is four pieces that ties the frame from the lower rear control
arm bolts across to the opposite rear spring eye. There is also a cross
brace just back of the front u-joint that ties the whole deal together.
Racer's net is $495.00 minus your SVTOA discount plus shipping it is all
shippable by UPS, Fed Ex or DHL.
We will start shipping product next week. Call me for any more details

Jim Hill 317-247-5320 x 223

These guys work on some serious road track cars if you're interested call Jim he is a great guy and will put you in the right direction.
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Thanks for the post.

Interesting, berry interesting..............
Would love to see a pic ?

Good Post and info, Thanks Bill :smt023
Here you go Rob, my best friend is a Kenny Brown dealer and sent me these pics.

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