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New installs completed...sort of

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Spent the weekend installing a KB, 9" pulley, cooling fans, plugs, belts, idler pulleys, and all new intake parts. No tune as of yet, but it's pretty f*&^n' cool so far! Anybody have issues with ac compressor wiring in fans?
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That was a pretty big weekend!

If you do a search at f150 or nloc there is a picture of where to tap into on the underhood fuse box. (for the A/C)

Sweet. Thanks, Rick- the destructions say to tap in at the compressor, but what a hassle. I hope that will help me solve this dilemma without going to a dealer. [smilie=fingersx.gif]
Good thing it's crappy, cold, and raining again- makes it easy to not take it out and stomp it!
nah you can tap in at the under hood fuse panal
ill look at mine in the am and let you know what one to tap as its a little dark right now
Thanks Mike- that would be great. I haven't picked up a service manual yet, but I should.
mnhh505  :worthless:


JK Bro, WOW a Very productive weekend indeed. :cheers:
WOO HOO................

So where's the pic's ???  :D
Working on it...borrowed camera, but no cable to load. Will get transferrsd to cd soon & post a few if I can edit down to size with shitty program I have. I swear, my pc is so old and outdated that I think the chain drive for the cd-rom is a prototype. And of course I have dial up. It's just sad. :sad:
nope it didnt ill put it in the gallery
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