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Hey all... I was referred to this site by a member of the NHTOC forums. I'm expecting the delivery of my 03 Black/Silver F150 in a few weeks, but am far from a newbie when it comes to fords :).

I've been a mustang guy most of my life although I enjoy anything that looks good and has good power. I currently have 2 Mustangs - a 95 Cobra R and a 04 Comp Orange Convertible Cobra.

Can't wait for the Harley F150 to get here and show it off. I've been wanting one for many many years and finally found one that is exactly what I wanted. Will share more once it gets closer to delivery time!

Looking forward to chatting on here and meeting up with some of the locals.


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Where are you located?


Now post up them pics!!!!!!!! :smt023:smt023
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