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Hi fellas,
Sort I would introduce myself,just purchased one of your sweet 2004 lightnings,
Super rare vehicle here in oz,truck has done 70000km dsg in color,what a beast of a vehicle to drive ,luv that supercharger whine .
People are blown away when you tell them it's 11 years old ,they think its only 2-3 years old.
Smokes the tyres beautifully,but I will have to stop lighting the tyres ,bit pricey at $500 a tyre.
Anyway I will picking your brains on how to improve the beast.


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Wlcome mate.

I used to live in Perth but now in the good oole USA.


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First things first, inspect for mods.

Stock maf? Upper and lower pulleys?

It is also highly recommended that you get a quality tune from a reputable lightning tuner when modding.

Traction bars are a must to prevent axle wrap up. . .

No traction bars:

With traction bars:

Guys have been known to bust a u-joint taking out the drive shaft, gas tank and punching a hole in the bed.
Traction bars are cheap insurance against that.
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