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Sorry no pic's (not unless MY PAL Sal took any ???)

But a couple of things of interest he found and mentioned

Said I had my vacuum lines ALL messed up, and thats why the   blower whined so much. I had the EGR line going to the intake tube, and the bypass vent line going to the EGR, So I had no EGR, and a non-working bypass.
(It was closed all the time, which he tells me will give you that loud whine at idle because it's not bypassing air.

Ok so I frucked up a little   :smt102
(I love whine, should I screw it up again you think, hehehehe)  [smilie=laugh.gif]

As for the Motor, he said everything looked pretty decent inside,
even better than he expected to see. The only issue is I have a few grooved up rod bearing journals. I'll have to see, we may need to grind or polish the crank. The bearings all looked good, except for number 7, which was eating itself up. "YIKES".  [smilie=eek4.gif] :shock:

I believe the exact words he used were
I don't think it would have survived any more nitrous blasts.  
WOO HOO, am I glad I did this NOW

U Da Man Sal   [smilie=bow.gif]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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