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Ok fellas, I think I'm on the home stretch of getting this thing running like it should (side note, thanks for all the help to those that have given it). It looks like I only have a few more things to clear up. This is what I'm dealing with now:

I know a lot of people talk or ask about the gas mileage these things normally get, and the answer is the same: it's just not very good. However, I've dealt with and owned a few over the last few years, and I must say, I expected to get at least SLIGHTLY better gas mileage on a turbo setup. With my last I averaged around, and that would, of course, vary depending on how it was being driven. My last truck didn't have big cams like this one, but as I mentioned before, I expected SOME improvement with a turbo (not why I wanted a turbo, but I expected improvement nonetheless). This one is getting 10 city, 15 highway.

I know there are some O2 issues that might be adding to it. I'm currently getting 5 codes, 2 of which relate to O2, and the other 2 deal with MAP sensor and EGR. I'm not sure of the MAP and EGR codes off the top of my head, but the O2 codes are P0135 and P0152. My tuner says I have a lagging sensor on Bank 2 Sensor 1, but the SCT tells me the P0135 code is for "Cir 1 S2". Is that NOT telling me Bank 1 Sensor 2? Also, with these two codes is it most likely a sensor issue or an issue of bad wiring? I know I could always take it to someone and have them check the fuel trims if necessary.

The truck has been tuned recently, and pulls strong. Under regular driving it seems ok, but when it first starts up, it wants to die. It doesn't idle consistantly until it heats up, and when it's not warm, the A/FR dips to about 11 any time I touch the gas at all

I guess the biggest question is, will any of this really help the gas mileage? I know that an L is FAR from fuel friendly, but I'd like to be getting SOMEWHERE close the the 15-20 range, as opposed to 10-13.

Please help, because I'd REALLY like to keep this thing.
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