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Having voltage issues with high electical demand?


01-04 Lightning lower intake manifold with exchange. $700 refunded upon receipt of your lower intake manifold. Price includes shipping.

Fresh powdercoat. All threads have been chased and the intake has been cleaned. Ready for install.

Rear coolant crossover modification

Front coolant crossover modification

Front crossover modification allows the use of a deeper 2010 Lincoln Navigator 150 amp alternator. Lightning alternators are 120-130 amps. This is a Denso alternator with a hairpin style stator. It can be spun much faster and more reliably than the stock 4g alternator. The factory alternator bracket will no longer fit and will have to be modified.

A 6g alternator will also fit with slight clearancing of the rear case.

The alternator needs a self exciting voltage regulator as the stock pcm cannot control it. Simple solder job. The battery bulb needs to be removed from your cluster, it will stay on otherwise. Aftermarket voltage gauge highly recommended.
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