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Looking for a good tuner down south.

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Can anyone tell me if there’s any good dyno tuners around or close to Louisiana? I have a stock long block with pulley change and bolt ons. Thanks
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If you cant find one you can always do custom email tuning with me.

At you get custom email tuning with free lifetime tune revisions along with data log reviews and free technical assistance. I also have the SCT XCAL4 tuning device if you need one and it comes with same benefits.

Let me know if you have any questions,

[email protected]
A lot of us in LA have our trucks email tuned.
I’m not against email tuning it’s just new to me because I haven’t had to have anything tuned in a while.
I think stang hi performance in Gonzales still does it. He did an excellent job when I had my whipple/t56 combo on pump gas. His race fuel tunes are slow but he does a fun/safe pump gas tune.

There's also L&S around that area as well. He did my MMR engine swap and start up tune long before that.
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