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(1) 99 blower w/rotors peeling. $ 100.00 Shipped
(2) 99 Mid plates $25.00 each
(1) Lower intake $75.00
(1) Lower intake with tube on back bent $20.00
(1) Set of 42lb injectors with fuel rail 150.00 shipped
(1) Stock Throttle body $20.00

I got this with a truck i bought. The guy was a member on here i cant seem to find the post where he was selling the truck. Anyways he bought the shortblock from Certified Drunk on here. Its still in the shipping box from ups. I have not even opened it. Link below from when Certified Drunk was selling the parts. Its suppose to be a good 01 90k shortblock with oil pump and rearmain seal. Also parting out a 99 longblock 116k. The intercooler core busted and they guy thought it blowed the headgasket. Im going to install a built engine and not going to mess with these components. The 99 has pan, timing cover and valve covers along with the usual longblock stuff.

01 shortblock 450.00 obo
99 Longblock complete 600.00 obo
Will Part out.

EDIT found the link for the lightning

Located in Logansport,la 71049

Willing to meet! 1-318-210-9280.
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