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HOKAY ... This is the Earth ...

Whups!!! wrong dialog ...  < grin >

To attach the stock seatbelts is a bit tricky ... You need to
have a bushing that is 1/2" on the outside and 10 mm on the inside. 
I found a nylon one that I could drill out that was perfect
at the hardware store. It's about a half inch deep and has a
shoulder on it like a bronse bushing does.

Anyhow ... I drilled a 25/64" hole after marking where the seat
belt would ride the best.   There isn't a LOT of room there, fellas.

I think the belt clears pretty good now but I am still gonna have
the lower front corner of the harness bar ground down and
rounded off.  :cry: :cry:  There goes that "finished" powder coat look !!!

No matter where I try and mount it, it doesn't rotate enough
to let the belt smoothly slip through.  But it does work correctly
once you get it fastened and adjusted.  It just doesn't retract
by itself anymore because the bar actually limits the downward
movement of the attachment point on the bushing.  It can't swing
down anymore than the bar lets it.

You can see the bushing thickness in this one ...  The little plastic
covers even work.

Now I just have to get $600.00 together for the harnesses ... :)

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